Armada Surge Protection
Armada Surge Protection

Advance with peace of mind

A protection to which you trust. At Armada, we care about the safety of your equipment and your employees.

Armada Surge Protection

An innovative difference

According to the National Electrical Code®, you are required to protect your emergency electrical systems and switchboards, your critical and computer equipment.
On behalf of Hydro-Québec, you are responsible for protecting your devices.
By installing an Armada, you maximize your productivity while reducing maintenance costs. Protect yourself from failures, slowdowns and loss of your data.
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Armada Surge Protection

A suitable solution

Preserve your energy

With the major changes taking place in the mining sector, new dangers are emerging. A power outage can be worth millions of dollars in loss. Count on the protection of our Armada and produce without slowing down.

Discover our range GALEOS Series 5 and 6, perfectly adapted to the needs of the mining industry.


  • Winch
  • Ventilation systems
  • Air compressor
  • Main conveyor
  • Air conditioning
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Protection surtension secteur minier

Store safely

Each surge could mean the loss of data. Whether it’s bad weather or a failure of one of your UPS, you can trust our Armada. Even for large-scale installations, they offer significant protection.

Discover our range GALEOS series 5 and 6.


  • Transfer switch for emergency
  • Generator
  • UPS
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Protection surtension serveur

Simplify your daily life

In our businesses and homes, smart and connected technologies are becoming more and more important. Do not take the risk of an electrical failure.

Discover our range GALEOS series 2, 2+ and 3.


  • Processor
  • Amplifier
  • Computer
  • TV
  • Home appliance
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Protection surtension domotique

Protect your equipment

Every day, thousands of surges damage the devices installed in your buildings. Reduce your maintenance costs by protecting them.

No matter how big your needs, our GALEOS Series has what it takes.


  • Main entrance
  • Emergency systems
  • Critical equipment
  • Elevators
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Protecteur Surtention Industriel Résidentiel

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