Power pressure™

Armada Surge Protection
Armada Surge Protection

Power Pressure ™ innovation

With Power Pressure technology™, the Armada converts the electrical energy caused by major overvoltages into kinetic energy.

In the event of major surges, the energy is too fast to trip the circuit breakers, and therefore passes the first protection line.
As opposed to other surge protectors, Armada voluntarily sacrifices its varistors in order to store a maximum of energy.
The breaker detects excess energy and trips.
When the power goes out, the backup batteries and generator activate, leaving your systems powered and unharmed.
Armada Surge Protection

Armada Operation

Armada protects against both types of surges; internal and external.

Internal: The heat dissipation inside the Armada enclosure safely eliminates small excess energy to maximize the life of your equipment. Armada will remain functional even after this type of event.

External: In the event of major surge, if Armada reaches its maximum absorption capacity, the varistors will be safely disintegrated while leaving your equipment unharmed thanks to the PowerPressure innovation.

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Armada Surge Protection


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